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Duromine is a legal and time-tested anti-obesity drug (manufacturer: iNova). It was first approved in the 60s of the last century and is still very popular in many countries of the Asia-Pacific region (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and others).

Buying Duromine online, you save not only money but also time. After all, this drug may not be available for sale in your country, or be available only in a few pharmacies at a high price.

What can you really expect from Duromine?

In fact, this question does not have a simple answer, because all people are different and have different expectations from the treatment.

Your weight loss prediction is best based on the results of clinical trials. We can surely say the following:

  • If you are an average person who changes his lifestyle (without fanaticism), Duromine capsules 30mg will reduce your weight by 5-10%.

Such results can be achieved in just 12 weeks. Please note that these are average results, and not the best. If you change your lifestyle drastically, you can achieve more. team and most obesity treatment specialists do not recommend a very fast weight loss rate, up to 1 kilogram per week is normal. Although this may seem like a slow pace for losing weight, it will most likely help you maintain your weight loss in the long run.

What is Adipex

If you are dreaming of becoming slim and healthy, you have probably heard already of Adipex 75, the popular and reliable Phentermine-based medication.

This drug promotes weight loss by affecting the brain receptors, responsible for the feeling of satiety.

Using Adipex diet pills, you can adjust the frequency of food intake without feeling painful hunger throughout the day.

This drug helps you consume less food and stay away from sweets and junk food, while increasing your metabolic rate at the same time.

The main purpose of using Adipex pills is to help people lose weight in:

  • Obesity (Class 1) BMI 30-34.9
  • Obesity (Class 2) BMI 35-39.9
  • Extreme Obesity (Class 3) BMI > 40.

Adipex 75 mg provides a fast and effective weight loss when used in conjunction with healthy nutrition and increased physical activity.

Including these aspects in your weight loss campaign is essential, if you truly want to achieve a significant progress.


The weight loss drug Adipex 75 (manufacturer Abbott) is available in the form of capsules for oral administration.

Each capsule contains 75 mg of the active compound Phentermine Resin (equivalent to 15 mg of Phentermine).

Being a stimulant, Phentermine exerts its effect over the central nervous system, acts as an appetite suppressant and promotes weight loss.

Adipex 75 are extended-release capsules. They differ from conventional Phentermine Hydrochloride (salt) tabs and caps, which dissolve in the stomach immediately and completely.

Key features of Adipex capsules:

  • The inner layers of the drug dissolve at different rates.
  • A noticeable anorexigenic effect occurs within 1-3 hours.
  • The duration of the drug action is approximately 8 hours.

To provide Adipex diet pills with the above properties, the following inert ingredients were included in its composition:

  • Yellow wax
  • Hydrated soybean oil
  • Purified rapefied oil
  • Soya lecithin
  • Glycerol
  • Non-crys tallising sorbitol
  • Propylparaben sodium
  • Sodium parahydroxybenzoate
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Glycerol sucrose
  • Quinoline yellow
  • Orange yellow
  • Homovaniline
  • Methoxyacetophenone.


You should not use Adipex diet pills if you are allergic to Phentermine or any of the above inert ingredients. Please note that this weight loss medication contains:

  • Soya lecithin
  • Soybean oil.

If you are allergic to soy, as well as to peanuts, you should not take this medicine.

On , you can buy online other Phentermine-containing drugs, such as Duromine 30 mg sustained-release capsules or Phentermine 37.5mg immediate-release capsules, which do not contain soya.

If obesity is not the only health issue that you have, better consult with your doctor before you decide on using the pills. Inform your doctor about your health condition, past illnesses and medications that you use or have used recently.

Although the effectiveness and safety of Adipex pills is clinically confirmed, it does have several contraindications:

  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Severe hypertension
  • Cerebrovascular diseases
  • Severe heart disease
  • Age up to 12 years or over 65 years
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Use of MAOIs (last 14 days)
  • Treatment with other appetite suppressants
  • History of psychiatric diseases.

Any anorectic agents work best, when used as part of a comprehensive weight management program, which includes changes in diet and physical activity. If you do not change the lifestyle, Adipex pills will suppress your appetite, yet the number of kilos that you lose will be rather modest, to say the least.


Adipex dosing schedule is actually quite simple:

  • 1 capsule per day – standard dosage
  • 2 capsules per day – maximum dosage.

As already mentioned, Adipex comes in extended-release capsules. To make sure your appetite is suppressed throughout the day, take this medication in the morning.

Capsules should not be taken in the evening, as they may prevent you from falling asleep and cause nervousness.

As a rule, a continuous treatment course should not exceed 3 months. However, not every person manages to lose all the excess weight that he wants to get rid of.

The great news is that you can take a break (usually, 2-3 months) and then continue using Adipex diet pills for another 3-month course, or shorter.

The important thing is that you continue being physically active, eat low-calorie foods (vegetables, fruits, and lean meats) and discard fat-rich and carbs-rich foods during the break, as well.

Otherwise, you risk getting back to the point where it all began and will need to start your weight loss journey from scratch.


Adipex can be the starting point in your weight reduction program. However, your desire for a slim figure should never be the reason to take an excessive amount of capsules.

If you have high levels of Phentermine in your body, it will not increase the effectiveness of the treatment. All you can get is serious adverse reactions (confusional state, hallucinations, tremor and excessive sleepiness).

Side Effects

Adipex is a truly working and reliable tool in the fight against obesity. It is not one of those dietary supplements, which are claimed to be free of side effects, while having no real effects for your weight loss either.

The active ingredient Phentermine is indeed “active”. It suppresses the appetite in almost all people, and causes side effects in just some of them.

List of possible side effects:

  • Vertigo
  • Xerostomia (dry mouth)
  • Abdominal cramps and pain
  • Difficulty falling asleep and/or sleeping
  • Feeling of general bodily discomfort
  • Abnormally high blood pressure
  • Decreased interest in sexual activity
  • Rash with strong itching (hives).

Do not let this list scare you. Most likely, you won’t get a single side effect, though you should be aware of their possibility.

As a rule, the adverse reactions of Adipex are mild and short. Very few people suffered from side effects that made them discontinue the medication.

The most “serious” side effect: no weight loss.

If the weight remains at the same level, it means that you are doing something wrong. The two most common causes are:

  • Too low dose is used
  • Incorrect Diet-Plus-Exercise program.

Extremely fast weight loss with Adipex is not just a dream of any obese person. In rare cases, a fast weight loss may cause cardiovascular adverse reactions. If you have vascular diseases, better aim for a gradual weight loss.

Drug Interactions

We all know that concomitant use of two or more medications is fraught with side effects, but that’s not all.

Some medications, especially psychotropic agents, reduce the effectiveness of Adipex pills. If you want to become win this weight loss race, eliminate the possibility of drug interactions.

Think twice before taking Adipex diet pills, if you use any drugs, which affect your mind, emotions, and behavior, especially if it is:

  • Tricyclic or tetracyclic antidepressant (depression treatment).
  • Lithium (aggressive behavior and mania management).
  • Haloperidol (treatment for schizophrenia, manic episodes).
  • Chlorpromazine (paranoia and delusions treatment).

Reduce or cut alcohol completely. It can increase the risk of side effects from the cardiovascular and central nervous system.

Combination of Adipex 75 mg with other appetite suppressants can cause a condition similar to overdose with Phentermine.

4.2 out of 5
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Lowered hunger, increased energy
Dry mouth, dizziness sometimes
I know everyone is hoping for a miraculous weight loss medication. Let me disappoint you, Adipex is not. I guess it's essential knowledge for all who are going to take this drug. Only a healthy approach without hoping for easy results can really help on your weight-loss journey. Adipex is unique med, but it's not magical stuff.
It lowered my hunger and provided me with a surge of energy. But eventually, I had to adjust my lifestyle to lose weight and change something. I took off all carbs and fried foods. The advantage of pills is that they "turn off" the desire to eat something harmful. I just didn't want any treats, so I gave them up. I consume lots of water and exercise 4 times a week. I have shed 25lbs in a month.
Amazing loss of weight
Side effects
Adipex is one of my all-time favorite medications. The side effects took me a week to get accustomed to, but once you see how much weight you are losing, you don't even think about them. I began taking Adipex on March 24th; my weight was 210 pounds in total. Today is May 27th, and at 185 pounds, I'm in good shape. There has been an overall reduction in body weight of 25 pounds in only two months. Five to six days a week, I work out (a mile run, elliptical, 20 minutes of abs) and consume just 1000 to 1200 calories! Everyone who wants to reduce weight should give this tablet a try.
Suppresses my appetite
Dry mouth
My first experience with Adipex left me feeling unable to overeat, and I've since found it really effective. When the dose was too high, it became necessary for me to push myself to eat because, in another way, I would end up going days without eating. The only adverse effect I had was a dry mouth. When I began using Adipex, I weighed 290 pounds. After being on the pill for two months, I've lost 24 pounds. But this is due to a combination of regular exercise and a healthful diet. Remember that everyone's experience with Adipex is going to be unique. I recommend this medication to anyone who needs to shed pounds.
Boost of energy, lost 15lbs
Developed a tolerance for the drug
In January, I began using Adipex for weight loss. I used to weigh 200 pounds, and now I'm 175. In the first month, I dropped 15 pounds. I've become used to their energizing effects. Furthermore, I've developed a tolerance for them. After around four months, pills began to lose their effectiveness. However, they still provide energy. During this time, I managed to maintain a healthy dietary routine. If you've tried everything else and are still unable to shed pounds, I'd suggest trying this drug.
Weight loss, energy boost
Dry mouth
I'm sure you're all aware that Adipex is not the magic weight-loss drug. But I think that Adipex is exceptional. No doubt about it, this medication does precisely what it says on the tin. However, you must finally alter your way of life to make this work. I eliminated all sugary, quick, fried, and carbohydrate-rich meals from my diet.

I stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water and aerobics three times a week. I go four and a half miles on the treadmill at an inclination of 8.0 percent. It's been a month, and I've shed 23 pounds. I'm going to continue my fight against being overweight. And Adipex is my number one helper.

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