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Indications for Use

Being aware of continuous struggle, which many people go through in their attempts of eliminating excess weight, is happy to offer you Adipex Retard, among other Phentermine containing medications (e.g. Adipex, Phentermine, Duromine). This medication provides a stable weight loss, without magical gimmicks, empty promises and radical lifestyle changes.

If you want to learn how to optimize weight loss with Adipex Retard , while avoiding unwanted body response, this article is exactly for you. We discuss the benefits of this treatment method, the dosing regimen, the treatment duration, as well as other important aspects.

First, let us inform you about the indications for use of this medication. After all, Adipex Retard is a medicine, and not a dietary supplement, so not every single person is a good candidate to use it.

Indications for therapy initiation:

  • Obesity (BMI 30 or more) of any class (class 1, 2 or 3) and of any type, including abdominal obesity;
  • Excess weight (BMI 27 to 29.9) in people, who are at an increased risk of complications because of their extra weight.

Do everything properly, and Adipex Retard will truly help you lose weight. When we say the word "properly", we mean that the drug is used:

  • In the right dosage;
  • Combined with diet-plus-exercise program.

Adipex Retard may not work for each and every obese patient, yet it has a very high success rate for those, who perform all the recommended steps, from beginning to end of the treatment course.


Adipex Retard is a brand medication, manufactured by Gerot Pharmazeutika. It is available in capsules for oral administration. Each capsule contains:

  • 15 mg of Phentermine - active compound;
  • Wax, vegetable oil, sodium, gelatin, titanium dioxide and others - inert ingredients.

In simple terms, Phentermine is a substance, which stimulates the nervous system and suppresses appetite. Actually, the mechanism of Phentermine action is quite difficult. We might, but we will not focus on this one. It is incomprehensible to most people and, frankly, quite boring.

Adipex Retard capsules contain inert ingredients to make the medication dissolve gradually. Thanks to them, the main ingredient, Phentermine, is being released at a predetermined rate, and not immediately.

  • A noticeable appetite suppressing effect occurs within 1–3 hours;
  • The drug activity persists for about 8 hours.

If you read our article about Adipex 75 (sustained-release Phentermine capsules), you will see that this drug works as fast and long as Adipex Retard does. There is nothing surprising. These are interchangeable drugs. The number “75” next to the name “Adipex” should not confuse you.

In fact, Adipex Retard capsules contain 75 mg of Phentermine resin, equivalent to 15 mg of pure Phentermine.

Precautions & Contraindications

Adipex Retard is best used as part of a multi-faceted anti-obesity program, which implies healthy eating, active lifestyle, physical exercises and other changes. Without all this, Adipex Retard will suppress your appetite, yet will not reduce any considerable amount of body fat.

To ensure that your treatment is safe, you must tell your doctor if one of the following situations applies to you:

  • You suffer from epilepsy;
  • You have kidney problems;
  • Your blood sugar level is high (diabetes);
  • You have had an intracranial hemorrhage;
  • Your heart and blood vessels are not working properly;
  • You have a high intra-arterial pressure;
  • You suffer from poor liver function;
  • You consume large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis;
  • You suffer from any other disease.

Although Adipex Retard can be effective for weight loss, it is not recommended for everyone. The drug is contraindicated in individuals falling into one of the following categories:

  • Use of other anorectic agents;
  • Allergy to soy (peanuts), or Phentermine;
  • Age below 18 years or over 65 years;
  • Severe arterial hypertension;
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • Some severe diseases of the internal organs.

To keep calm, you’d better consult with your doctor, if you have any serious illnesses.

Adipex Retard Dosage

The correct dosing schedule is the cornerstone of a successful weight loss. To ensure that Adipex Retard capsules work in the best way possible, you must follow the instructions, included with the medication. This helps maximizing its effectiveness and reduces the likelihood of side effects.

Facts about dosage:

Route of administration: oral

Recommended dose: one 15 mg capsule per day.

Maximum dose: 2 capsules per day.

Dosing frequency: approximately every 24 hours.

Important considerations for taking Adipex Retard:

  • Don't crush or cut the capsule, otherwise the drug will not work as it should;
  • Capsules should be taken in the morning with breakfast;
  • A glass of water will help you swallow the capsules;
  • Taking the medication in the afternoon may cause trouble falling asleep.

If you choose this treatment method, you should know that the treatment duration (one course) should not exceed 3 months. This is because the appetite suppressing effect decreases with time. recommends starting overweight or obesity treatment with a single 15 mg Adipex Retard capsule per day. When you notice that the anorexigenic effect reduces, you can up the dose to 30 mg.


We understand your desire to get rid of obesity. However, you should first take care of your health and well-being, and not a fast weight loss. Try not to jeopardize your own safety. If you notice signs of an overdose, get medical help.

The list of symptoms associated with excessive use of Adipex Retard includes the following:

  • Raggedbreathing;
  • Feeling of general bodily discomfort;
  • Abdominal cramps and pain;
  • Abnormal drowsiness;
  • Involuntary muscle contraction;
  • Irregular rate or rhythm of your heart;
  • Feeling of weakness (malaise) and fatigue;
  • Misperception of the human senses (feeling, sight or smell).

The amount of Adipex Retard, which can lead to an overdose, varies widely from person to person, and depends on:

  • Response to treatment;
  • Treatment duration;
  • Weight and age;
  • The functions of the internal organs;
  • Use of other drugs.

Either way, you should take no more than 2 capsules of Adipex Retard per day, even if you notice that the drug does not work as effectively, as it worked during the first weeks of treatment.

Adipex Retard Side Effects

Adipex Retard is a truly powerful and effective drug. This is the opinion of government regulatory agencies, and Team totally agrees with that. Still, no matter how much we like the results of Adipex Retard treatment, we must be honest about the potential adverse reactions, associated with this appetite suppressant.

Below, you will find a list of side effects, which have been associated with the use of Adipex Retard:

  • Vertigo;
  • Headache;
  • Flushing (reddish skin);
  • Burning/itchy skin;
  • Xerostomia (dry mouth);
  • Indigestion (dyspepsia);
  • Abnormally high blood pressure in the arteries;
  • Decreased interest in sexual activity.

This list does not include all possible body reactions to treatment. For information about all risks, consult your pharmacist or, if you bought Adipex Retard online – find it in the package insert.

In defense of Adipex Retard, we can say that each and every appetite suppressant out there causes side effects. Usually, undesirable effects do not require medical treatment and tend to disappear over time.

Using Adipex Retard for weight loss is not free of risks and side effects. You need to be aware about them, so that you can react appropriately, if they occur.

Drug Interaction

Here’s the list of drugs and substances, which are not recommended for use concomitantly with Adipex Retard, for you to know until you get the chance to discuss it with your doctor:

  • Lithium;
  • Alcohol;
  • Insulin;
  • Psychotropic drugs;
  • Antidepressants;
  • Antihypertensive agents.

Important: Adipex Retard should not be used in combination with MAOIs (antidepressants), and even for 14 days after the abolition of MAOIs.

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