Indications for Use

Almost all women suffer from cellulite. This is the most frequent cosmetic defect in both thin and heavy women. If you are one of them, there are not so many options to choose from. In fact, there are only two:

  • Try to love the lumpy, dimpled look of your skin;
  • Do something to change the situation.

The second option is most likely the one that you prefer.

If you you hate your lumps so much that you are ready to try the injection procedures, Alidya looks like one of the most promising solutions. This non-surgical treatment will take your biological clock back and help you look younger.

Advantages of Alidya:

  • Fighting cellulite at any stage;
  • Reduction in visible cellulite manifestations;
  • Levelling of the skin surface after several treatments;
  • Prevention of cellulite reappearance.

To offer a fuller picture, it is worth mentioning another important aspect. Alidya eliminates not only the visible manifestations of cellulite, but also its main causes, such as:

  • Fluid and lymph retention;
  • Metabolic disorders in tissues;
  • Structural changes in subcutaneous fat.


Alidya is the result of new research in the field of cellulite treatment. Alidya is an anti-lipodystrophic agent developed by prof. Motolese.

This product contains:

  • Poliaminoacidic gel;
  • 1-4 glycosidic;
  • A-d-(+) glucopyranose;
  • Etilendiaminotetraacetic sodium;
  • Osmolarity regulator;
  • Amino acid buffer system with bicarbonate-sodium corrector.

Precautions & Contraindications

The non-surgical procedure can be performed only after establishing that you have no contraindications to it. These include:

  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Skin diseases;
  • Chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • Allergic reactions.

After an Alidya treatment course, strictly follow the advice of your aesthetic practitioner. In the early days after the procedures, patients are not recommended to visit sauna, steam-bath, as well as visit the solarium or sunbathe in the sun.

Alidya Dosage

Alidya is introduced under the skin with very short thin needles directly in the area affected by cellulite. The procedure is almost painless and lasts about 30 minutes per session.

With these small injections, the active substance is delivered to a depth of 4-6 mm. The number of procedures required to achieve the desired effect depends on the degree of cellulite. On average, 7 to 12 treatments, performed once a week, every week.

Since the depth of injection is relatively small, the whole procedure gives minimal discomfort. If the patient is sensitive to an injection, the dermatologist applies an anesthetic cream to the surface of the treated area before the intervention. The treatment course can be repeated annually.

For the next twelve hours, you should avoid makeup on the treated areas and avoid direct sources of heat (sun, ultraviolet radiation, sauna, etc.). Exercise, as well as a healthy, balanced diet, moderate caffeine intake and a healthy balance between work and personal life strengthen the positive effects of Alidya.


The treatment results should last 6 to 12 months. Therefore, treatment should be carried out only 1 or 2 times a year. Before the procedure, be sure to inform your aesthetic practitioner, when you used Alidya last time, to make sure that the sessions are not performed too close to each other.

Alidya Side Effects

Immediately after the injection, slight swelling and redness may appear in the treatment area. Light pain is rare, but is possible, as well. All of these are expected side effects, which disappear within a few days after treatment.

Just as it is with other injections, the use of this product is associated with the risk of infection. This review might not cantain each and every possible side effect, associated with Alidya use.

Drug Interaction

Whenever you use two or more drugs, there is a chance of interaction between them. Alidya is not a medication in the true sense of the word, but it still can interact with other drugs.

To stay calm, provide your aesthetic practitioner with a complete list of all the drugs you use or have used in the past few weeks. The list should include non-prescription drugs, nutritional supplements and vitamins.

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