Adipex FAQ

1. What is Adipex used for?

Adipex is brand medicine, which helps people to lose weight. It works as an appetite suppressant. Diet pills proved its efficiency for short-term weight loss.

If you don’t find an answer to your specific question, you can ask us directly. We’ll be happy to help you with any query.

2. Does Adipex work?

Adipex are weight loss pills that really work. Pills are approved by FDA as weight loss and obesity treatment that is to be paired with a diet plan and exercising. The agency studied the clinical tests results and found out that the product really works, though it doesn’t provide rapid results.

Will the weight loss pills work without exercising and diet plan? Our response is that Adipex will suppress appetite, however the weight loss will be moderate and slow.

3. How does Adipex work?

Adipex (Phentermine) suppresses appetite affecting the nervous system. Moreover, diet pills increase blood pressure and heart rate, providing energy boost.

Adipex is not a fat burn product. It’s not very effective in removing solid fat deposits of your body. This specific problem can be solved by fat burning injectables you can buy on YourBody.Expert.

4. How to get Adipex?

Your doctor can prescribe you Phentermine-based medicines. If you need a prescription, you can’t get it without visiting a doctor.

Share your weight-loss experience with the doctor. Depending on the clinical records and the answers about your current health state, the doctor will either prescribe Adipex or not prescribe it. The chances will be higher if besides the obesity (excessive weight) you have high cholesterol level, hypertension or diabetes.

If no prescription was received or you are not satisfied with the cost in local pharmacies, you can buy Adipex without prescription on YourBody.Expert. An attractive price of Adipex can become another reason to order diet pills online.

5. Is Phentermine a narcotic?

No, it’s not. Phentermine (Adipex P 37.5 mg) is a controlled drug; however, it’s not a narcotic. It is a stimulant, which structure is very similar to Amphetamine structure.

6. Does Adipex show up on a drug test?

When you use Adipex, Amphetamine drug test can be positive. Phentermine can be found in urine during the following next days after taking the last dosage.

7. How to take Adipex?

A simple recommendation is to use Adipex in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations. Choosing the right time for taking pills, keep in mind that maximum appetite suppression will happen in 3-4,4 hours after taking the pill. Useful recommendations can be found here.

8. Is it legal to prescribe Adipex in Kentucky?

There are a lot of clinics and doctors in Kentucky that prescribe Adipex. Prescription of Adipex doesn’t contravene the law. Weight loss pills Phen/Fen (Phentermine and Fenfluramine), which were popular earlier are not allowed for sale in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and other states. Unlike Phen/Fen Adipex doesn’t cause serious cardio-vascular side effects, this is why it’s absolutely legal.

9. How to find a «near me» Adipex clinic?

Are you looking for «near me» weight loss clinics that prescribe Phentermine? Most probably, you won’t have any problems if you live in big cities or close to big cities in the USA.

There are many good clinics in Jackson MS, Pikeville KY, St Louis MO, Texarkana TX, Columbus OH and other cities. Searching «Adipex clinic near me» or «Adipex doctor near me» online will help you to get what you need.

10. Is Adipex safe?

Safety of diet pills is confirmed by clinical tests. However, you can find negative reviews about Adipex P. There always exist certain risks when you use nervous system stimulants, especially if these are used in a wrong way.

11. Is Adipex a controlled substance?

Yes, it is. Just like Xanax, Valium, Ativan and other pills, Adipex is included in the list of schedule IV controlled substance (in the USA).

12. Adipex vs Phentermine: What pills are better?

Adipex is a brand name of Phentermine. A medical brand is not the same thing as brand in a fashion shop. There is no sense to compare Adipex and Phentermine.

13. What are the side effects of Adipex P?

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Indigestion
  • Problems with sleep
  • Other effects

Long-term Adipex side effects can continue during the entire period of treatment. The most common side effect is increase in arterial blood pressure.

14. How can I get Adipex online?

You don’t need to do anything special. All you have to do is to place your order on YourBody.Expert, pay for it and wait until the weight loss pills are delivered to the specified address.

We always try to deliver your order as soon as possible. For any delivery questions, please either complete our contact form or contact us via online chat.

15. Can you buy Adipex over the counter?

Yes, you can do it right now. No prescription is required.

Although Adipex pills are available for online purchase without prescription, we don’t recommend you to ignore consultation with a doctor. People with obesity often have coexisting diseases, which are to be considered when choosing an optimal dosage.

16. How long does Adipex stay in your system (urine)?

Half-life (when active substance concentration in blood become twice less) of Adipex is about 25 hours. For drug excretion it’s needed about 5,5 of half-life (depending on the liver activity and other conditions).

This is why Adipex remains in the system (urine) during 5-6 days (25 x 5,5 = 137,5 hours). The product can be found in hair within up to 30 days.

17. How long can you take Adipex?

All Phentermine-based products are recommended to be used not more than 12 weeks. The durability of the treatment depends on your personal reaction to weight loss pills.

18. Where to get Adipex?

There are a lot of places where you can buy Adipez, either online or in local drug stores. Adipex prices will vary depending on the place where you buy it.

Buying weight loss pills on YourBody.Expert you do not need to provide any prescription. However, we recommend you to consult the doctor before starting the treatment.

19. Can I buy Adipex over the counter in Walgreens?

To buy Adipex in any drugstore registered in the USA you need to provide a prescription from your doctor. If you have a prescription and Adipex coupon or promo codes (2021), you can economize on diet pills purchase in some drugstores.

20. Who shouldn’t use Adipex diet pills?

Adipex helps to resist hunger. However, it doesn’t work for all patients. You can see the list of contradictions here.

21. How long does Adipex last?

If you use Adipex in the morning, the product will work all day long. The maximum appetite suppressing effect is achieved at midday.

22. What are Adipex results after 1 month of treatment?

You’ll lose about 0,3-1,2 kilos per week. Losing 3 to 5 kilos within a 30-day period is a very good result. Adipex weight loss results depend on the physical activity and diet plan.

23. How to get prescribed Adipex?

Getting a prescription from your doctor, you can buy Adipex pills in different possible ways. However, some doctors are not eager to give a prescription for diet pills.

You’ll need to convince your doctor that diets don’t help you to lose weight. To get a prescription you’ll need to have obesity or excessive weight combined with some other diseases.

24. Where can I buy Adipex P 37.5 mg?

Adipex P 37.5 mg is sold in the USA, and as we know, is not sold in other countries. If you live in Europe, you won’t be able to buy Adipex P 37.5 mg online from the USA.

25. Is Adipex and Phentermine the same thing?

Adipex pills contain an active substance Phentermine and don’t contain other active ingredients. This is why regardless of different names, you can consider Adipex to be the same as Phentermine.

26. What to eat on Adipex?

We won’t recommend any specific diet. Any healthy eating plan leads to weight loss. The only recommendation we can provide you is drinking much water.

YourBody.Expert team doesn’t recommend keeping extreme or unverified diets. Although pills suppress the appetite, it’s still very important to eat healthy food and get all necessary macro and micro elements.

27. How long does it take for Adipex to work?

The classical case is when you feel appetite suppression in 1-2 hours after using the first diet pill.

Here is what some people who started the treatment told us:

  • “The effect appeared only in 5 days.”
  • “I’ve immediately got side effects, no appetite suppression has been noticed. I’ve stopped the treatment for 2 days. After using the new pills, the appetite decreased without any side effects.
  • “I had an immediate effect after I’ve started the treatment. I had to set the alarm clock in order not to forget to eat at my regular time.”

28. Why am I not losing weight on Adipex?

There can be several reasons. The main of them are:

  • Too small dosage
  • Wrong use of diet pills
  • Ineffective diet
  • Insufficient physical activity
  • Other drugs usage
  • Other diseases

You can find more information in our blog.

29. Adipex generic vs name brand: what is better?

If you want to buy generic Adipex online, you can do it on Follow our links to learn more about generics and read weight loss reviews.

Adipex generic name [2021]:

  • Duromine
  • Phentermine
  • Adipex Retard

From medical point of view, all Adipex generics are identical. The manufacturer, size, package, color, form, covering and of course the diet pills’ cost though can be different.

30. How much weight can you lose on Adipex generics?

Now you can answer the question “What is the diet pill Adipex?” You can read about other people weight loss experience with Adipex (Duromine) generic here.

31. Where to buy Adipex?

On YourBody.Expert, you can order Adipex and Adipex generic over the counter. In the majority countries Adipex cannot be purchased in local pharmacies, however you can still find Adipex generics there.

32. How do you lose weight on Adipex?

You can lose weight in many different ways and follow different recommendations:

  • Eat more fiber
  • Cut off carbohydrates
  • Eat smaller portions of food
  • Choose healthy sources of fats and proteins
  • Be more active

The most important thing you should realize is that getting rid of obesity will not be an easy thing. You will lose weight gradually.

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