How to use HGH in bodybuilding and avoid side effects? prepared some tips that will help you minimize the risks of having side effects caused by HGH

1. Know what to expect

Any drugs, hormones and natural HGH supplements can cause side effects, even if you get the desired results. Make sure to read the instructions to be aware of what to expect.

2. Be careful when taking HGH injections

Even if you bought the best HGH injections in an easy to use pen, you can’t be 100% sure you won’t have a skin reaction to it on the site of injection (it’s known as the most common side effect). Be careful when doing the injections and make sure to do these in the recommended areas only.

3. Change the spots of injections

If you use HGH for weight loss or bodybuilding, keep in mind that you have to change the sites of injections. It is done to prevent lipoatrophy (local loss of fat).

4. Don’t panic

Some of the side effects disappear with time, when your body gets used to HGH. Give it some time. There is no need to change the dosage immediately.

5. When your doctor prescribes a new medicine, tell him that you’re taking HGH

Side effects can be caused by taking two or more medicines that are not working properly together.

6. Decrease the dosage

It seems to be the most obvious recommendation to minimize side effects caused by hormone.

7. Try other HGH products for bodybuilding

People often think they can’t use an HGH drug because they have an adverse reaction to it. However, it is not always true. You can try other drugs of the same group, as specific inactive ingredients used by some specific brands can cause side effects.

8. See your doctor

You can stand some side effects, especially if these are temporal or if there are more HGH pros than cons. However if you feel that HGH negatively affects your health, consult the doctor.

9. Be responsible

As we are all humans, sometimes we tend to forget about different things. If you missed the HGH injection, do it as soon as you recalled about it. Skip the dose if a lot of time already passed.

10. Store HGH properly

If the pack insert tells that HGH has to be kept in the fridge, do not ignore this recommendation. Otherwise, it can lead to HGH not working properly in your body.

11. Watch over HGH cycle duration

Obviously, the results depend on your body type and your specific goals. However, bodybuilding experts recommend that human growth hormone cycle duration doesn’t exceed 3-4 months. This specific duration is known to be relatively safe.

You can consider longer periods but only in case, you are ready for possible side effects. Anyway, you have to be careful.

12. Decrease your intake of natrium

Water retention – is the first effect you may read about on HGH products forums. This specific side effect can appear during the first days of taking HGH. Your body can start retaining water, especially in your arms, fingers and face.

Limit salt consummation to control the level of water in your body. Drink less alcohol or stop drinking it at all during HGH therapy. You can consider dandelion root or any other natural diuretics.

13. Think twice before using HGH if you had cancer

One of the most commonly asked questions on HGH side effects is whether human growth hormone causes cancer.

HGH itself does not lead to cancer, however, not all researchers agree with it. It was confirmed that if you had cancer before the chances of return of the disease increase.

14. Do the Wrist Stretch

Very often athletes who use HGH suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) – a condition known as neurothlepsia of median nerve on the wrist. It leads to numbing, needle-prick, feeling lack of power and agility of movement. It can finally strongly affect the workout and sports results.

Stretch your wrist and fingers before and after the workout. Keep the wrist in a neutral position while lifting weights.

15. Use HGH in the morning

Grow hormone combats insulin effect, changes the glucose metabolism, which sometimes is not good for your body. At the same time, you should know that growth hormone and glucose are always present in the blood and it’s absolutely fine for your body.

HGH will work better when insulin and glucose levels in the blood are low. Use it early in the morning, preferably before meals.

16. Keep your organs safe

A big part of the bodybuilding community thinks that HGH doesn’t affect enlargement of the organs to the extent when it can be considered a side effect. However, the fact is that male bodies become bigger and their internal organs enlarge as well.

Indeed HGH drug stimulates the growth of the entire body. Soft tissues that are more affected during the workout grow faster. To prevent extensive enlargement of organs, control levels of hormones in your blood.

17. Control your food intake

Stomach distension («Bodybuilder Belly» or «Muscle Gut») can sometimes be a result an excessive use of insulin and HGH. However, this is not always the case. Often it happens when you eat too much food.

High-calorie diets lead to a condition when a big amount of food is stored in your stomach for a long time, leading to stretching of your bowels.

To avoid «bloated look» control the amount of consumed food and make sure you take the right dosage of HGH.

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