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Does its job
increases thirst
I started using it four months ago, and I've already shed a total of 45 pounds thanks to it. Amazes me every time I write it or say it aloud. This medication forces you to change your habits ANYWAY. If you attempt to overeat, your stomach will start to pain, which will force you to correct your diet. Because I always have a dry mouth and sweaty palms, I tend to drink really a lot of water. I still eat anything I want, but I make it a point to limit my intake of sugary beverages and fast foods as much as I can.
No hunger
My experience with Metermine started off nice. There was no hunger, but I had a lot of drive and enthusiasm. After approximately a month, I started to feel hungry again, and my energy and ambition started to fade. Medication began working again when my doctor upped the dosage to 40mg. Your body may readily acclimatize to this medication, which is possibly why it is only recommended for short-term usage. It didn't raise my blood pressure or pulse rate, which I was concerned about, so I was relieved. Initially, I had sleeplessness and sexual side effects. In the last two months, I've shed roughly 20 pounds.
Control over appetite
Feeling dizzy, slight headaches
It's my second try with metermine. This product helped me lose 16 pounds in three weeks when I used it roughly two years ago. I went back to the doctor around three weeks ago because I wanted to go back on metermine. As someone who tried dieting, suffered from emotional overeating, and was super lazy for a long time, I admit that this treatment has been a huge relief. This is week three, and I've dropped 10 pounds, and I'm doing no emotional eating at all. Furthermore, I often have to remind myself to eat. This time, I'm not leaving the job half-finished.
Worked better than 30mg
The 30mg dose had no impact on me. A 40mg dose was necessary. The tablets were expensive, but once the correct dosage was found, the weight began to slip off with each passing day. I also started following a low-carb diet and practicing high-intensity interval training. As for me, half of the battle is finding the right source of inspiration for yourself. For me, it was reading success stories. Find something that will keep you going. I’m satisfied with my progress so far but haven’t reached my final goal yet.
7 pounds loss
increases my BP levels
To use Metermine, you must find a responsible doctor first. He also must be sympathetic and attentive so that your health is regularly examined thoroughly. These tablets are pretty potent and may have varying effects depending on your condition.
As long as you aren't experiencing any unpleasant side effects, your doctor can decide whether or not you should continue using the medication. I had a slightly elevated BP before starting these tablets. After a month and a half on 40 mg, it had risen to an unsafe level.
The answer to whether or not I'd like to continue using them is a resounding "yes." I've shed seven pounds. However, I decided to quit taking the drug since my health was more important.
weight loss
None so far
At the beginning of summer, I reached my maximum weight. Never in my life have I weighed 215lbs. I looked just awful, almost like a troll. Inconvenience and reasons for a terrible mood added to the bad feeling and rash that constantly appeared on the body. Nothing brought me joy except food. I felt that I was finished if I didn’t go to the doctor. My doctor patiently listened to my story and gave me a whole program of actions. One of the main points was the reception of Mentermine 40mg. Parallel to taking the drug, I go on long hikes and try to reduce the standard amount of food. So far, I am at the beginning of this way, but I am noticing an improvement in my health. In a week, I managed to lose 4 pounds. I hope for the best and continue to work.

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