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Regulates appetite, gives extra energy
Light insomnia
I’ve taken Mysimba several times in my life. Each time I realized that it’s just an appetite regulator, not a magic pill. I am sure that only this understanding led me to success every time. After childbirth and a complex operation, I could not lose weight on my own. I just didn’t have the willpower to give up delicious and unhealthy food and get into sports. Mysimba helped me change my habits and gave me extra energy. The main thing is to have time to change during the treatment. It usually took me a few months to reach my desired weight. It’s a relatively short time. Maybe that’s why I experienced not many side effects. The only exception was light insomnia; it was always with me.
I lost 6 kg
I take Mysimba for almost 1.5 months. Valid. For this period - minus 6 kg. I have no side effects yet. My doctor says it mostly happens when a person is under 30 years old. I will take it further. A huge plus - pressure normalizes; sometimes, I do not have pills for days. Before, I took some because of my low blood pressure. Probably, it happens because of the extra energy I feel. So far, I didn’t workout. But I’m going to fix it. I hope I won’t get used to the drug, and it won’t stop helping me get rid of extra weight.
weight reduction
Haven't noticed
I took this medication for over 30 days, and the weight reduction started nearly immediately and shockingly easy.
The idea of eating fast food has disappeared from my head, and I've been able to totally concentrate on eating more healthily and control my calorie intake. And all without any noticeable adverse effects!
After attempting to reduce weight several times and yo-yoing, I decided to try. And this product actually works. For those who are just starting: it's certainly necessary to stay on a calorie-regulated diet and exercise!
Stacey W.
reduced appetite
too pricey
I used it for one month. The first seven days were beautiful. The pill reduced my appetite by a significant amount, and it was the best benefit for me. I wasn't hungry, and I didn't feel like eating, so I skipped lunch. I wasn't sick, and I didn't have any nausea; I was simply OK. I would continue, but it's extremely pricey for me. Perhaps I'll give it another go. It was a welcome change to not always be in need of food.
Suppressed appetite
Little exhaustion
I have had no other adverse effects except feeling exhausted. However, I attribute this to my increased physical activity! Thanks to this medication, my sweet tooth has been soothed, But mysimba isn't a cure-all. It all depends on me, and I know that. Taken for a month, I've shed 7 pounds.

I'm not looking for a fast cure, and I'm determined to lose weight thanks to the appetite-suppressing effect. I've set a goal for myself. Another 5 pounds to lose!

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