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YourBody-Expert.com Team wishes each of you the best in your journey to a healthier body weight. This goal is achievable, and we know that Orlistat can help you achieve it.

Orlistat differs from other anti-obesity drugs in his inability to reduce appetite. It simply prevents the digestion and absorption of fat and helps control the amount of fat consumed.

YourBody-Expert.com carefully studied the information about the effectiveness of different weight loss pills. We found out that Orlistat is less effective than appetite suppressants, such as:

  • Adipex
  • Duromine
  • Phentermine

Despite this, millions of people (and many doctors) continue choosing this drug, and we know why they do it. The thing is that Orlistat:

  • Can be used for several years (appetite suppressants are used for no more than 3 months per a treatment course);
  • Does not cause addiction and a variety of severe side effects (hypertension, insomnia, tachycardia, etc.).

If you want to buy Orlistat and start an effective treatment for obesity, you are just one step away from doing that. Just place your order and pay for it using either of methods offered. The drug will be delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible.

If you would like to know more about the appetite suppressants, continue your journey on YourBody-Expert.com. To learn more about the benefits of other slimming products, available in our online store, read our articles and make your choice.

What is Orlistat?

Obesity is excess body fat level. Orlistat (120 mg capsules) is a medication, which reduces the weight by preventing the fat absorption (food component, which is very high in calories) in the body.

You can start using Orlistat in the following cases:

  • Exogenous obesity of 1, 2 or 3 class (BMI 30 or more);
  • Excess weight (BMI 27 to 29.9) with at least one weight-related medical problem.

YourBody.Expert Team is happy to inform you that the majority of people using Orlistat achieve positive results from treatment. To succeed, you need to simply follow the diet and try not to consume lots of fats.

If you want to lose 10 kilograms in 2 weeks or your BMI is less than 27 - this article is not for you. We understand your desire to lose weight fast, but we will not mislead you.

Orlistat is a medication, used under certain conditions. It helps you lose weight in a stable manner in a very safe way. The result will not be fast, at least for most people.


Orlistat is an active ingredient. YourBody-Expert.com Team carefully studied the information about this compound, and this is what we managed to find out:

  • It reduces the absorption of all types of fat from the intestine;
  • The agent blocks the activity of enzymes (lipases), which cause the breakdown of fats;
  • About 30% of fat is excreted from the body in an unchanged form.

The medication and the pills shell contain several inert substances. They do not provide any known beneficial or harmful effects.

The product we offer is an equivalent of Xenical brand drug (by Cheplapharm). Orlistat 120 mg is produced by HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd Company, and works no worse and no better than Xenical does, yet it is available for sale at a lower price.

Precautions & Contraindications

Orlistat should not be used:

  • In patients under 18 years of age;
  • In pregnant and breastfeeding women;
  • In diseases, which lead to a decrease in the absorption of food from the intestine.

Orlistat Dosage

Orlistat is available in capsule form (120 mg). The capsule should be washed down with water, so that it does not get stuck in the throat and dissolves faster.

Dose: One 120 mg capsule before, during or within 1 hour after meals.

Dosage regimen: 3 times a day, at approximately regular intervals.

Maximum dose: 360 mg daily dose should not be exceeded.

Many overweight or obese people have 4-5 meals a day. If you are one of them, take Orlistat with main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).


  • Orlistat should be used in combination with a low-calorie, balanced diet;
  • If you skip a meal or it is not rich in fat, the drug should not be taken;
  • If you don’t see a weight loss after 12 weeks (less than 5% of body weight) of the drug use, treatment should be stopped.

Regular dosing provides the best effect. If you forget to swallow a capsule with food, nothing terrible happens. You will slightly reduce the treatment effectiveness, and that’s all.

Weight loss capsules Orlistat 60mg are also used in obesity treatment. You can buy Orlistat 60 mg online under the brand name Alli. These pills are often used just like Orlistat pills 120 mg. The effectiveness of weight-loss treatment depends on the dosage taken.


During clinical studies, effectiveness, side effects and the action mechanism of Orlistat were not the only aspect studied. Researchers also tested the effects of high doses on healthy and obese people.

Some people were administered very high daily doses of Orlistat, including up to 1200 mg per day (more than 3 times the recommended dose). It was found out that the frequency and intensity of side effects did not change.

Orlistat Side Effects

Orlistat works in the gastrointestinal tract and almost does not enter the bloodstream. Therefore, adverse reactions observed during the drug use are usually associated with a decrease in the absorption of fat from your food.

People treated with Orlistat may experience:

  • Flatulence;
  • Oily stools;
  • Headache;
  • Bloating;
  • Discomfort and pain in the abdomen;
  • Increased intestinal motility;
  • Higher frequency of bowel movements.

This list does not describe all of the possible side effects.

Important: many reactions are caused not by Orlistat, but by the fats that you consume.

Gastrointestinal side effects usually occur in the early stages of treatment and last less than 7 days. Low-fat foods help reduce adverse reactions and increase the treatment effectiveness.

Drug Interaction

Orlistat reduces weight by blocking the absorption of fat in the intestines. For some people, reduction in body fat level means they need to change the dosage of other medications. Medications, which reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels, require particular attention and timely dose titration.

Either way, you need to discuss with your doctor about taking any medications, because your weight loss may certainly affect your body needs for one drug or another.

Orlistat can influence the effectiveness of the following drugs and drug groups:

  • Cyclosporine (immunosuppressant);
  • Amiodarone (antiarrhythmic agent);
  • HIV medicines;
  • Medications for anxiety disorders and depression.

NOTE. This is not a complete list. Other drugs may also cause interactions.

Before you begin using Orlistat 120 mg capsules, ask your doctor or pharmacist about possible drug interactions. Learn whether you need to avoid certain drugs, foods or drinks.

In conclusion

Orlistat 120 mg is a generic brand name of Xenical. From efficiency and safety perspective, there is no any difference between generic and branded diet pills, although Orlistat is available for a cheaper price.

Now you can easily buy Orlistat 120 mg (generic Xenical) over the counter (OTC). Get a treatment prescribed by your doctor and save money at the same time.

Follow all the recommendations and be surprised by results before and after the treatment. You can find out how effective Orlistat alternative is on this forum.

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