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Reduced sweet and food cravings
Side effects
I started with a.25 mg dosage. Exactly seven days ago. I was sick for the first two days. Days 3 through 6 were a nightmare. I suffered because of blurriness. Tingling in the fingertips, stumbling into walls – lost equilibrium, strange and random muscle cramps, and body jerks are all symptoms I experienced. It's day seven now, and I woke up this morning feeling fine. My second.25-milligram injection is due on day eight, which is tomorrow. I've made an appointment with my cardiologist to see if he thinks I should stop taking my medications. A half-dose isn't possible using the pen's dosage setting options. I don’t want to stop the course since my cravings for sweets and food, in general, were much reduced. I was able to shed several pounds.
Works great
Ozempic works for me, even better than I expected. Last week, I stopped taking metformin for diabetes treatment.
I expressed my concern to my doctor about the possibility of a dangerously low level of blood sugar. Week 2's dose was upped to 1, and since then, I've been ill with a headache.
Next week, I will reduce my dose to 0.5 again and see whether the adverse effects go away. That will allow me to stop using insulin, which I'm hoping for. Will have to wait and see.
10 kg minus
side reactions
I am now on the third week of Ozempic. My goal is to shed at least 20 pounds I gained because of my depression and overeating issues.
The only negative effects I noticed are:
· Exhaustion.
· A little headache after the injection.
· A small worsening of my gastroesophageal reflux disease.
I think Ozempic works well for me. I really hope things will be OK, and I won't have to quit. I'm trying to read less negative reviews because they scare me. I've lost 10 kg so far, and I think it's an excellent result!
Lost body weight
Digestive side effects
In the first seven days, I suffered stomach cramps and diarrhea. Then, there were a few days of indigestion coupled with a sulfuric flavor in my mouth.
In the second week, nausea and diarrhea still were with me. During the third week I had such severe stomach discomfort that I could hardly get out of bed. I was not able to continue taking this medication. The only silver lining was that I shed 13 pounds.
Diarrhea and muscle pain
Constant and severe diarrhea was present. I was unable to go even a single day without dealing with diarrhea. By the way, it's been two weeks since I first began. I have a lot of gas, and in addition to that, my shoulders and knees are in a lot of pain. Additionally, there were times when I felt sick to my stomach and threw up. The clarity of my vision has significantly diminished. Because I cannot lead a regular life, my doctor suggested that they may take this medication off of my prescription list. And I'm happy with it.
Lack of appetite
I take Ozempic for Insulin Resistance and PCOS. I will take my 3rd dosage of 0.5 tomorrow. During the 1st week of using it, I suffered a rapid lack of appetite and nausea. The fight with constipation is continuing. I simply felt terrible. I took 2 dosages before my body mellowed out, and nausea disappeared. I find huge meals overwhelming now, and I suggest eating nutritious snacks more often. Gonna boost the dosage to 1 mg in 2 weeks and am anxious that the adverse effects reappear. Thus far, I have dropped 5 lbs.
Reached my WL goal
Side reactions
I have been on Ozempic at the lowest dosage for a month. The first days were awful with stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and headache; nevertheless, I continued the treatment. It looks to be decreasing and leveling my A1C. I was anxious about raising my dosage. I was not sure I would handle it. My long-term advantages exceeded the inconvenience, but I didn't know if my organism was strong enough. Luckily, I continued the course. It wasn't easy, but I finished the treatment and achieved my goal.
Weight loss
Gastrointestinal problems
I am now nine weeks into my time on Ozempic. Because of gastrointestinal problems, I have not raised my dosage. I have maintained it. 25. My A1C is gradually going in the right direction. I definitely feel weak and dizzy, and my blood pressure fell significantly in the morning and evening. There are moments in the middle of the day when it happens. I also have a belly ache. However, I've already lost 10 pounds. I hope that this weight reduction will continue, and I put up with side effects for a reason.
Lowers blood sugar
Dizziness, vomiting
Using this medicine, I could bring my blood sugar levels down significantly. There were unavoidable adverse effects, though.
When I was taking it for six weeks, I experienced unexpected vomiting numerous times a day, continual nausea, and uncontrolled burping. I shed pounds from my upper and lower body. But I got dizzy and lightheaded. I pleaded with my doctor for a change of plan. I'm no longer sick. The goal is achieved at a great cost. I’m glad it’s over, and I don’t have to suffer anymore.
Makes you not hungry
Nausea, headache
I'm not experiencing any negative side effects, except that I'm not hungry. Everything seems like an overwhelming challenge, and I have no desire to eat at all.
I'd liken it to the sensation you get after overeating and wishing you could forget about food for good. I had some nausea and a headache after the injection, which I chose to administer to my thigh to minimize side effects. However, those problems passed quickly. I feel well now, and I lost 5 kg in 12 days.

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