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No sweet cravings, low appetite
Nausea, migraines
I'm going to be 37 soon. On April 7th, I began taking Saxenda at 330.2 pounds. I'm on a low-calorie diet and walk every day. I've already reduced about 20 pounds, which is absolutely mind-boggling! For the first few days after I started taking the drug, I got migraines and felt ill in my stomach. I was close to giving up, but I reminded myself that this was something I needed to do, and I continued. After increasing my dose, I had a few days of nausea, but it soon subsided. I no longer feel nauseated from the medicine, and I find that the drug makes me feel highly full very fast. Also, I've seen a significant decrease in my need for sweets. My score for saxenda is 8 out of 10.
It works!
acid reflux episodes
Saxenda was finally prescribed to me as a result of a long history of obesity, which included several doctors and experts. In only eight weeks, I lost 5% of my body weight. I've been on my new diet and treatment for 11 weeks and haven't had my weight rechecked yet, but I've dropped two sizes in all of my apparel. However, I had a little case of acid reflux 9 days or so after beginning the medication; a cool drink and an occasional Mylanta pill solved the problem. So far, I am satisfied with the results. I’ll keep in touch :)
9 lbs / month weight loss, decreased hunger
Dry mouth
About three and a half months in, I'm still going strong. The 3.0 dosage had no impact on my health. Before I go to sleep, I take it. Dry mouth is the most common issue. Even when I wear a mask, I can't tell whether it's from the medications or the water. The thing is, my body needs extra water since I'm usually dehydrated.
There has been a decrease in hunger due to Saxenda. My plate is never completely emptied. This medication is really reducing the amount of food I consume. I want to continue my practice of eating less. Also, I'm aiming for a lot of liquid. At the end of the year, I'm down to 332 from 360. I can maintain a constant weight loss of around 9 pounds each month. So I totally recommend it.
70 lbs loss for six months
I began taking Saxenda more than six months ago. Originally, I weighed 260 pounds, and I've already shed almost 70 pounds. It's a whole new experience. I used to dread doing laundry since it meant walking down the stairs, but now I look forward to it. The 66-pound dog we just got requires daily walks of 6,000 to 10,000 steps. And I walk him gladly. I've shed a third of my body fat. It’s my final result cause I’ve already achieved my goals and stopped taking Saxenda.

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