Terms and Conditions


Please, read the following Terms and Conditions before you place an order on our online store.

By continuing to use this site further and by placing an order on this site you confirm that you accept these Terms and Conditions and understand your liability for any actions that you make on yourbody-expert.com, as well as agree with limits of yourbody-expert.com liability regarding your orders, their processing and delivery.


You need to have a valid prescription from your doctor to purchase weight loss medications on the website. 

The website bears no responsibility for your irresponsible or illegal actions and shall not be liable for their consequences. Any activity on the website is your sole responsibility.

You can place an order any time, regardless of your country and time zone. We always place efforts to ensure the fastest possible order and payment processing, and rarely need more than one working day after you place and pay for your order.

Once you complete the first two steps, check out your email for a confirmation letter from us. Since that very moment, the shipping and delivery process begins.

Should it happen so that the product that you wish to buy is not available for shipment or, for any reason, cannot be delivered to your country of residence, it is subject to cancellation. You will be notified, if this situation happens.


Please, keep in mind that your country may have certain laws and regulations, which might set certain limits on the import of certain goods. You are solely responsible for checking such laws and regulations and make sure that it is not prohibited to import the products that you plan to order from YourBody-Expert.Com.

If you know that your country’s legislation does not allow the import of any of the products that you order from us, yet you still place your order and pay for it, it is your responsibility. You do it at your own risk, and YourBody-Expert.Com shall not be kept liable if the customs seizes your goods. This situation is not an event for a refund. Even if you did not know that the import of these goods was not allowed, YouBody-Expert.com will not be held liable for their seizure and will not refund you.


It is your responsibility to provide us with accurate and precise information, so that we process your order and indicate a correct address for its delivery. Therefore, YourBody-Expert.com bears no responsibility in cases, where clients specify the delivery address inaccurately, which results in a failure to deliver the goods to them.

If you need to change any important personal information, we will need some time for the new information re-evaluation and re-approval (usually, no more than 24 hours) before we process your order.


  • Once the order payment is processed, we ship out the products in stock within no more than 48 hours.
  • We will notify in case shipment is delayed.
  • For each order that you place, you get a tracking number, which you can use to track your parcel right to the address that you indicate.
  • Please, check out warnings about the delivery of Duromine.
  • If a package is lost, we will file a claim with the post service, and we will send a replacement product only when the carrier refunds us.


Dear customers! 

Please note that shipping issues (wrong address) may happen either from our side or by the fault of the third parties.

In case this happens, and you got the wrong product, we kindly ask you to send it back to our USA base. 

Return shipping costs will be entirely at the expense of YourBody-Expert.Com; in addition, you will get a USD $ 10 coupon as a “thank you” for your patience and understanding.


Should any goods be lost, arrive in a damaged condition, or the parcel arrives with a shortage of goods, the Customer shall notify YourBody-Expert.com of such loss, damage or shortage within not more than 7 days after they become known or should have become known to the customer.

Such notification of damaged goods must contain relevant photos and the carrier’s report of such loss, damage or shortage. Any claim, which does not contain either of the enlisted reporting means, will be rejected by YourBody-Expert.Com.

We require full Customer’s cooperation with YourBody-Expert.com for establishing a claim against the carrier.


Customer is fully responsible for making appropriate arrangements to receive their package. This means communicating with the courier and organising re-delivery.

In a situation when the receiver is not available to sign for a parcel and it gets sent back, we sincerely sympathise, but take no responsibility for the loss, and we DO NOT provide a refund, nor shall we send a repeated order for free.


Please check our Payments page for more information or contact us via the contact form to get detailed information about all payment options available for you.


YourBody-Expert.Com bears no liability for complying with law in force in your country. You bear the responsibility to check, whether your local law in force allows buying or using the products that you order.

It is your responsibility to obtain and hold legal any and all permissions, authorizations, and comply with all and any requirements for the products that you order, sell or distribute, while using the services of YourBody-Expert.Com.


We do our best to provide our Customers with the best products and services. Should any complaints arise, please send them to the contact address, and we will do our best to address them within the shortest possible time, including demanding relevant documents and proofs from you for further processing.


For any parcel that is shipped from Italy, in case it gets lost on its way, the following apply:

  • The courier refunds the amount equal to USD $ 6 per kilo of the parcel weight plus the cost of shipping.
  • Yourbody-expert.com shall not be kept liable for such loss of your parcel by the courier and will only be able to refund the amount, refunded to us by the courier responsible for the loss.

YourBody-Expert.Com will not be held liable for any inaccuracies of any kind that the information, published on the site, may contain. We do not guarantee that we maintain all information in compliance with the latest amendments on the market. We reserve the right to introduce changes in the information about the products, as well as Privacy Policy and all other policies from time to time without a prior notice of the Customers. Therefore, it is the Customers’ responsibility to familiarize themselves with all important information on the site on a regular basis.

Even though we do our best to publish only correct and relevant images, information and prices for the goods displayed, errors are still possible. If you notice that you were charged incorrectly, please contact us using the contact form, and we will either refund you for the extra amount or issue a credit note.

In case that incorrect pricing applies to a product or an order, including for the technical reasons, or we notice or suspect that the information declared is incorrect, we have the right to cancel the order and notify the Customer via his personal email about the situation. In case you indicate an incorrect email address or other technical issues take place, which do not allow us to contact you, your order will be cancelled in an automatic manner.